Terms and Conditions

  1. Service call fee: The service call fee may be the cost to look at and identify problem(s) with one appliance in line with the signs and symptoms the applying is getting, and supply an itemized estimate with parts (as needed) and labor to correct / service the problem(s).

  2. Appointment(s): Our visits possess a 3 hour window. All visits are positioned in line with the earliest availability. Part installation visits aren’t scheduled before the parts have showed up.

  3. Diagnosis: In line with the problem(s) the client describes and upon examination, a subzerowolfappliancerepair.com licensed specialist determines what repair he finds essential to resolve the issue(s). Full accessibility unit should be supplied by the client. Just in case accessibility unit isn’t supplied by the client, additional costs may make an application for the labor carried out to gain access to the system. Because of the complexness of some home appliances there might be additional underlying problems that can’t be determined until an “initial repair” is created. In case a product comes with an inherent problem(s) yet another free diagnosis together with yet another modified estimate is going to be provided. When the specialist arrives with no issue is present, it will likely be regarded as an analysis of “No problem found” or “Working as designed”. The client accounts for the service call fee. If the issue is triggered, or even triggered with a source apart from the applying itself, the specialist may recommend a test by an outdoors trade contractor to verify or eliminate the potential cause or problem. The client is fully accountable for any expenses, cost and payment for just about any exams or services carried out by outdoors trade companies.

  4. Recommendation(s): Any recommendation(s) produced by our organization aren’t mandatory, and then any actions taken through the customer are in the only discretion and financial responsibility from the customer.

  5. Estimate:* Any estimate provided is dependant on subzerowolfappliancerepair.com prices to correct or support the applying. A quote applies for seven days. The client accounts for looking at the whole estimate using the specialist prior to signing. The client signature signifies approval and finish agreement with getting the repair carried out in the cost cited. In instances where additional scientific studies are needed we’ll give a completed estimate within 48 hrs from the initial date of visit. In case additional parts are essential or part prices has transformed, a modified estimate is going to be deliver to approval. Lower payment/Pre-pay: Part of the approved estimate might be collected during the time of the service call.


  6. Repair Cost: The cost of repair/service is the greatest cost for subzerowolfappliancerepair.com to do the repair. This really is determined and according to company operating expenses, technical skill/understanding, technical training and certifications. In compliance with “The Major Appliance Service National Cost Guide (M.A.S.P.G)” the repair cost is dependant on the task, this is not on time the repair takes to do. The client concurs to pay for a charge of $25.00 for every came back check.

  7. Parts: Specialists carry probably the most generally needed parts to carry out a repair. You will find occasions when parts will have to be purchased and extra handling and shipping charges might be applied. Orders for parts are put within 24-72 hrs upon estimate approval. Based upon part availability, most parts arrive between 1-5 working days. Upon finding the part, the client is going to be approached to schedule the part installation. We reserve the authority to keep old parts and components which have been changed by subzerowolfappliancerepair.com service specialists. Back-purchased parts: Just in case the part is backordered, subzerowolfappliancerepair.com could keep the client informed. Stopped/No More Available parts: Whenever a part is stopped or No More Available through manufacturer, subzerowolfappliancerepair.com won’t perform any repair.

  8. Maintenance: Issues with home appliances might be triggered exclusively by insufficient routine maintenance. Sometimes just maintenance may resolve the issue. Maintenance might be needed/ needed before repair or throughout a repair. Maintenance isn’t a repair or a part of repair labor. Maintenance is non-refundable.

  9. Cancelled Service/Repair: Any cancellation is susceptible to a 25% restocking fee. Refunds can require 4 days to process. No refunds on special order parts.

  10. Warranty: subzerowolfappliancerepair.com provides Lifetime Warranty on all installed parts. Warranty applies on installed parts which have been bought through the organization before the specific parts become obsolete or stopped. Parts that bear warranty is going to be fixed or changed in the sole discretion of subzerowolfappliancerepair.com. Lifetime warranty isn’t transferable. Lifetime warranty is just valid when the repair is carried out by subzerowolfappliancerepair.com service specialists. Lifetime warranty is void if proper routine maintenance isn’t done based on manufacturer’s maintenance guide. subzerowolfappliancerepair.com reserves the authority to void the warranty because of not supplied with current maintenance records. Grease build-up voids the warranty. Improper using the applying instantly voids the warranty. Warranty is void on moved home appliances. No warranty on damage triggered by exterior problems or interference by other people (apart from subzerowolfappliancerepair.com specialists) realizing or tampering using the repair. Lifetime warranty isn’t relevant towards the following parts: stopped or obsolete parts, chemicals, filters, access valves, fuses, wires.
    subzerowolfappliancerepair.com isn’t accountable for any damage triggered by appliance malfunction. subzerowolfappliancerepair.com isn’t accountable for lack of food or any other perishables. subzerowolfappliancerepair.com isn’t accountable for any floor, cabinet, counter damage or water leakage when repairing and/or getting rid of your appliance by subzerowolfappliancerepair.com specialist(s). subzerowolfappliancerepair.com reserves the authority to limit or won’t provide Lifetime Warranty at its sole discretion. Any Lifetime Warranty restrictions or refusals is going to be conveyed towards the customer just before the conclusion from the repair.

  11. Fee Disclosure: All Visa Bank Card obligations is going to be evaluated a set amount of $3.95 per transaction. Other Debit or credit Card obligations is going to be evaluated a charge comparable to 3.75% from the payment amount having a minimum fee of $3.95. This fee is going to be evaluated towards the same Credit/Bank card supplied by the client.

  12. Completed Repair: The customer’s signature around the completed repair invoice signifies the appliance continues to be examined and examined through the customer and also the service continues to be implemented to their satisfaction. No refunds on completed repairs.